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Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition "Clariant improves the performance of plastic products"

on April 29, 2011, Shanghai, China - Clariant, the world's leading special chemical company, will participate in Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition held in Guangzhou from May 17 to 20 this year. This time, the exhibition theme of Clariant is "Clariant improves the performance of plastic products"

Clariant, as an expert in the field of special chemicals, will display its pigments, additives and color masterbatch products with excellent safety and environmental protection performance at that time, helping customers in China's plastic industry actively respond to the most important challenges in the industry. Clariant's materials are always at the forefront of the industry in supporting customers to improve safety, solve environmental problems and achieve more efficiency

the products that Clariant will focus on promoting at Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition include:

Color Masterbatch:

mevo has a portal structure as opposed to the single arm pur color masterbatch. The pur Color Masterbatch provides solutions that are strictly controlled, stable and comply with industry requirements.

Clariant's latest mevopur can provide special colors, functional color masterbatches and granules for the pharmaceutical industry. This new brand meets the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry, and provides global unified performance to help customers quickly respond to the rapidly changing market demand. Mevopur ensures the practicality and beauty of its products while complying with safety and regulations and closely following industry trends. In addition, mevopur can greatly help reduce the risks of the pharmaceutical industry in every design and production link


structural non halogenated pigments

Clariant offers many choices of structural non halogenated pigments in its existing products (e.g. graphtol, PV fast). These pigments are very suitable for coloring thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) wires and cables with halogen-free requirements

colorants applicable to daily consumer goods, toys and indirect food contact

in addition to complying with major international regulations such as en, CONEG and ROHS, Clariant's products have also been tested for the content of heavy metals, aromatic amines and polychlorinated biphenyls. Therefore, these products are suitable for consumer goods, toys and food packaging applications

lead chromate substitutes

Clariant provides a series of colorants to replace lead chromate to help customers prepare before the ban on lead chromate takes effect in 2012 and win more competitive advantages


in terms of function, effect, environmental protection and cost saving, Clariant special additives enhance the value of your plastic products

license PP and ceridust wax powder

license metallocene wax has comprehensive physical properties (drop point/viscosity) and is applied to various plastic fields to provide excellent cost performance. Ceridust series micronized waxes improve your pigment dispersion

exolit OP flame retardant

exolit OP series phosphine halogen-free flame retardants have excellent heat resistance, excellent performance and relatively low addition. These products define a new standard for innovative high-end applications in the global electronic and electrical market. All products fully comply with the existing WEEE and RoHS regulations

the breakthrough in the research and development of modified PEEK Composites indicates that they will gradually replace the utilization proportion of traditional metal products in the chemical industry. These products include:

exolit OP 1230 flame retardant for high temperature and high performance nylon

exolit OP 1240 flame retardant for polyester (pbt/PET) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

exolit op 1312/op 1314 flame retardant is used for ordinary nylon

exolit op 935/op930 flame retardant is used for copper foil substrate PCB of epoxy resin system, and is also suitable for thermoplastic elastomer

hostanox, hostavin, hoststat, nylostab stabilizers

this series of reliable and high-performance additives are widely used in polyolefins and engineering plastics. They have a variety of effects and can make the resin meet various high-performance requirements, such as agricultural film, High pressure polyethylene pipe, cross-linked polyethylene pipe, geotechnical film, glass fiber reinforced engine hood, LCD plate, polyarylamide fiber

the series includes:

nylostab seed: multifunctional nylon stabilizer, which can improve the productivity, quality and white appearance of nylon

hostavin 845 PP pills: light stabilizer with no migration, no odor and good flow performance, widely used in automotive PP parts

hostavin n n to general flexible packaging manufacturer ow: a new type of high-performance light stabilizer, providing a new solution for your agricultural film

Chinaplas is the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia. It will be held in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Guangzhou this year. Clariant is looking forward to seeing you at booth 11.2p21

mevopur, graphtol, PV fast, license, ceridust and exolit are registered trademarks of Clariant

Clariant - chemistry that meets your needs

Clariant is the world's leading specialty chemical company before being measured into two mixing/injection mixing heads. The company has a complete business structure, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and a wide range of application solutions, thus becoming the preferred business partner for customers. Clariant is composed of more than 100 group companies around the world, with about 16200 employees. The company is headquartered in muttenz near Basel, Switzerland, with sales of more than 7.1 billion Swiss francs in 2010. The product structure of the company is divided into the following 10 business units: additive business unit, washing and intermediate business unit, lotion business unit, special industrial and consumer goods business unit, leather service business unit, color masterbatch business unit, petroleum and mining service business unit, special paper business unit, pigment business unit and textile chemicals business unit. Clariant has always been committed to achieving sustainable growth through its own innovation. Clariant's first-class products and services play an important role in customer processing and other value-added processes. Clariant's success is due to the excellent professional skills of its employees and their ability to judge the new needs of customers at the initial stage and develop innovative and efficient solutions

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