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Chinatelecom showed innovative applications and products at the 19th high tech fair on November 16, the 19th China international high tech achievements fair with the theme of focusing on innovation driven and improving supply quality opened in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The exhibition showed the major breakthroughs in the frontier fields, key links and core technologies of China's science and technology in recent years, especially in disruptive technological innovation. The number of participating countries and the number of new products launched in the world all reached the highest level in previous years. As one of the exhibitors, Chinatelecom focused on the transformation 3.0 strategy to display innovative applications and products in 5g smart connection, IOT, cloud convergence, smart home, Internet Finance and other business areas

according to the staff, with the arrival of gold in several fields such as large-size monocrystalline silicon wafer, ultra-high purity metal sputtering target, optical film, new cobalt materials, rare earth permanent magnetic materials, high-purity electronic and chemical materials, please use the "query/print" button to print this content in advance. China Telecom has built a new generation of IOT (NB IOT) with the widest coverage in the world in May this year. On the terminal display cabinet of IOT, Chinatelecom showed applications based on Nb IOT technology, such as intelligent garbage cans, intelligent fire hydrants, intelligent manhole covers, wing car clouds, equipment clouds, and intelligent street lights. In the 5g exhibition area, Chinatelecom demonstrated its remarkable achievements in the standard promotion, R & D and testing of 5g key technologies through the display of accurate data and 5g prototype equipment, such as taking the lead in the R & D of 5g system prototype, testing the high-speed and low delay communication capability of 5g system, etc. It is also noted that the Tianyi big data passenger flow monitoring system at the scene, with real-time dynamic data and clear charts, calculates the passenger flow of Chinatelecom users around the high tech fair, the origin of participating customers, tourist attributes, tourist consumption capacity, travel modes and the analysis of real-time passenger flow distribution. It can improve the frequency of use

Chinatelecom continues to build and optimize the optical broadband network, build smart home, Internet Finance and other capacity platforms, and realize capacity sharing through the platform report, so as to promote mutual benefit. At this high tech fair, Chinatelecom's intelligent robot appeared in the smart home area for the first time, and the applications such as smart home and intelligent medical treatment were displayed on the spot through robot operation. The smart home open platform can provide access, big data analysis, cloud convergence and other capabilities, support the development and sales of smart peripherals of partners, and product improvement based on big data capabilities

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