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Chinaplas 2015 International Rubber & plastic exhibition Yangcheng will launch the upcoming

"International Rubber & plastic exhibition media day" activity to create an efficient information communication platform for exhibitors

the new "rubber & plastic storm" will strike again in the spring of 2015! Chinaplas2015 International Rubber and plastic exhibition will return to Guangzhou, Yangcheng from May 20 to 23, 2015. With the theme of "green plastic innovation · building eternity", chinaplas2015 International Rubber and plastic exhibition will create an annual event in the international rubber and plastic industry. At the same time, the "international rubber and plastic exhibition media day" to be held before the opening of the exhibition will continue to build an efficient, accurate and professional enterprise information communication platform for exhibitors, so that the mainstream industry media at home and abroad can fully understand the enterprise brands and the latest technological trends of major exhibitors

in recent years, with the increasing scale of "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", the number of exhibitors is increasing rapidly. How to use a few days of exhibition time to spread enterprise information with the highest cost-effectiveness, deepen market communication, and establish a rich and three-dimensional brand image at all levels has become a major problem faced by exhibitors; On the other hand, for the media participating in the exhibition, it is also an urgent need for them to not only gain insight into valuable enterprise information from the massive exhibition dynamics, but also make efficient use of limited time to timely grasp the core trends of the industry. The holding of the "international rubber and plastic exhibition media day" just met the demands of both sides and built a very practical and professional communication bridge for the supply and demand of information

the annual "international rubber and plastic exhibition media day" has become an important part of "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition". The event is hosted by the organizer of "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yashi"). It has been successfully held twice, and has been highly praised by the participating enterprises and the media circles for its excellent organization and communication effect. The 2015 media day is scheduled to be held from May 18 to 19, mainly in the form of a special press conference, integrating the key information of various exhibitors and promoting it to the mainstream media of the rubber and plastics industry. At the same time, the organizer of the conference also held an official press conference to let the media get important information about the activities, highlights and services of the exhibition before the exhibition

the national standard "determination of thermal adhesion properties of thermoplastic and its composite thermal covers" has recently officially passed the review by experts. The last "international rubber and plastic exhibition media day" attracted a total of 10 leading rubber and plastic enterprises at home and abroad, including Chinese enterprises and enterprises that participated in the media release activities for the first time. With the help of the broad platform of the media day, they helped them achieve docking with the international market and won widespread attention and praise all over the world. In terms of media, nearly 50 domestic and foreign mainstream media from the fields of chemical industry, plastics, materials, automobiles, electronics, packaging, construction, new energy and so on participated in the event, including 14 well-known overseas media from the United States, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Russia and other countries. The final results show that the media day has produced more than 1000 high-quality media reports at home and abroad for enterprises, which is enough to prove that this communication platform has been widely recognized by the media

more than 40 important media at home and abroad will participate in the media day of this exhibition. They will pay attention to the latest developments of relevant enterprises and discuss the hot topics of the development of the rubber and plastic industry during the activity period of 1.5 days. The conference entrusted Scott public relations as the designated public relations company for the "2015 International Rubber and plastic exhibition media day" and will be responsible for providing all enterprises participating in the media day with integrated communication services, including media invitation, media reception, preparation of early-stage information package, on-site activity management, late-stage media follow-up and media report monitoring report

"media day", as the pre exhibition part of "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", plays a key role in disseminating enterprise information and displaying enterprise image to the industry, market and the public through the media. In the past, both exhibitors and the media have also highly recognized this activity, which makes us very happy. " Ms. chenbaoyi, deputy general manager of Yashi Marketing Communications Department, commented, "the success of this event lies in the customers' attention and trust in the international rubber and plastic exhibition, and also depends on the dedicated organization of Scottrade PR, our professional public relations service partner. Chinaplas will continue to strive to build such an efficient communication platform for everyone in the future to help our enterprises fully realize the effect of their participation through different ways."

Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition, the first in Asia and the second in the world, brings together the world's top chemical raw materials and machinery manufacturers every year to show the new trends of plastic and rubber technology and all-round application solutions. The 2015 exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Pazhou, Guangzhou. It is expected that it will attract more than 3100 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions, creating a better performance in terms of exhibition scale

at present, the registration of "chinaplas2015 international media day to explain the functions and characteristics of wire rope tensile testing machine" has been fully opened to exhibitors. For registration details, please contact Ms. Shaoyuan of Scottrade pr (:: Email: ao@)

for details, please visit the exhibition page: inapla measures the wall thickness or WW of 4 pipes in two mutually perpendicular directions at the same end, which will greatly improve the technical level of Dongguan plastic industry W. China rubber and plastic exhibition Com

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