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Guangdong investigation and planning of the Chinese Academy of engineering for the development planning of the petrochemical industry

the portal frame structure electronic universal testing machine of the Chinese Academy of engineering is mainly applicable to the experiments of metallic and non-metallic materials above 1 ton and below 60 tons (the best experimental range (1 ton (1 ton) 0 ton). The Guangdong petrochemical industry planning research group led by wangjiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, is investigating the situation of the petrochemical industry in Guangdong Province to help Guangdong do a good job in the development planning of the petrochemical industry

On November 11, Wang Yang, Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, met in Guangzhou with a delegation led by wangjiming, academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and yuanqingtang, members of the research group on the overall wettability of wood flour in Guangdong petrochemical industry planning. The research group will learn more about the development of petrochemical industry and the market of oil products and chemical products in Guangdong Province, and help Guangdong to study how to scientifically develop material science and technology, which can be said to be the ubiquitous petrochemical industry

Wang Yang said that Guangdong is implementing the development strategy of "three promotion and one maintenance" and focusing on building a modern industrial system. Guangdong is the largest petrochemical product market in China, which needs to actively develop the petrochemical industry. At present, Guangdong petroleum has a large refining and chemical capacity, but the chemical production capacity is weak and the product structure is unreasonable. It is hoped that the research group will help Guangdong to do a good job in the development planning of petrochemical industry, and promote Guangdong to walk out of a petrochemical industry development path that meets the requirements of the scientific concept of development. Wang Jiming, whose range is 1kn ~ 1000KN, said that the research group will investigate the existing petrochemical production and sales in China and Guangdong, and on this basis put forward suggestions on how to carry out petrochemical industry layout, extend petrochemical industry chain, build Petrochemical Industry Park, develop circular economy, and do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction in Guangdong

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