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Chinaplas comprehensive report on film manufacturing (Part 1)

editor's note: at Chinaplas 2005 exhibition, there were many film manufacturing equipment and technology suppliers. Facing the Chinese market, They have their own "Stratolaunch began its first flight performance as early as 2019. They thought differently and took different actions. What will they bring to Chinese plastic film processing enterprises?

Benton project: there is a market for down blowing water-cooling Technology Although the cost is one third more than that of the updraft system, the output can be doubled, and the transparency of the membrane products produced is very high. He said that Benton's film blowing system products have a good reputation in China for good quality, reasonable price and first-class service, and more than three production lines are sold every year. For example, Jiangsu Jiahe company, which was interviewed by international plastics business information, has added Benton products to produce high-quality films and achieved considerable profits

"with the development of the market, multi-layer coextrusion has broad development prospects. The layer system is becoming a standard to meet the needs of the market. The 9-layer die is suitable for more kinds of polymers; and it is designed according to the needs of customers to make it have unique performance." Manager Zhang said. Using scd-3 of be, customers can make full use of the interaction between adjacent layers, use more kinds of raw materials, or use the same raw materials to make a better structure

Bruckner: BOPP and CPP are one and many.

cast polypropylene film (CPP) has evolved from a special market product to a very important general commodity due to its excellent optical and mechanical properties and highly competitive price. In order to exploit the full potential of this market, Bruckner is now adding a casting polypropylene CPP production line to its product portfolio. Mr. swanda, sales director of Bruckner, said that according to Bruckner's tradition, the design of these production lines especially caters to the needs of customers who pay great attention to maximum capacity, high quality and profit margin. Therefore, the film width of the provided CPP production line is m, the mechanical speed can reach 350 m/min, and the output can reach 2000 kg/h

Bruckner offers a very attractive plan for customers to produce high-quality polypropylene film BOPP and CPP, and the equipment comes from the same door. All production line parts are based on advanced Bruckner and ride products. 2. For materials with large deformation, the design is significantly improved due to excessive deformation. A standard system is integrated to fuse the professional knowledge gathered by the company in the past 40 years

Mr. swanda also analyzed the development trend of the world film market, and believed that the industry was growing periodically. Last year was a low period, and from this year to 2008, it will gradually enter the peak period, with an average annual growth rate of 15% of the demand

Wuhan Changxin

Wuhan Changxin plastic machine Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the development of plastic film blowing equipment with a history of nearly ten years. At this Chinaplas, they mainly introduced the sjgm-c multi-layer co extrusion blown film production line launched at the beginning of this year, which is also a symbol product for Changxin to become a high-level film production line manufacturer. Mr. Haoming, manager of the sales department, introduced to us that this production line adopts the IBC film bubble internal cooling system with international advanced level, which can increase the film transparency while increasing the film output; The full-automatic winder realizes the full-automatic control, improves the work efficiency and enhances the safety performance; Photoelectric film rectification system makes winding more orderly; The traction mechanism adopts horizontal swing rotation, which replaces the rotation of die head, and completely solves the problems of film ruffle and winding big and small head

manager Hao Ming believes that the advantage of his company is that it will not consume energy due to excess energy or idling in the past ten years. After absorbing foreign advanced technology, he has launched a series of low-cost and customer-friendly plastic film blowing equipment according to the characteristics of the Chinese market. Their products are also very popular in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and New Zealand

talking about the latest trends of the company, manager Haoming told us that they have recently built a new plant in Wuhan Dongxihu Taigao investment and Development Zone, and will launch a five layer co extrusion high barrier film production equipment by the end of the year. He said that with the continuous innovation of plastic materials, Changxin will never tire of developing machinery and equipment suitable for new materials

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