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China print 2009 reappeared in Indonesia and won wide attention

following the strong promotion of print technology a/d ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The China print 2009 Exhibition delegation composed of chenqian, manager of the business department of China India Association Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., arrived in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on the evening of August 19, 2008 to participate in the Indonesia all print paper 2008 exhibition held from August 20 to 23, and introduce China Print 2009 to the printing community in Southeast Asia

during the exhibition, Mr. xujinfeng and Mr. Chen Qian, China Xinda Plastics Co., Ltd. (China XD plastics) had a cordial and friendly talk with Mr. Jimmy juneanto, chairman of Indonesia Printing Association, exchanged views on the development of printing industry between China and Indonesia, exchanged views on further cooperation and mutual support between the two sides for holding the exhibition, and reached consensus, Indonesia Printing Association will promote China print 2009 in Indonesia

Mr. xujinfeng and Mr. Chen Qian also had talks with Mr. Daud Lim, the general manager of kristemedia exhibition company, the organizer of all print paper 2008, who is divided into inductive displacement sensors, and reached a consensus to support each other in holding printing exhibitions and help each other do a good job in publicity and promotion at their own exhibitions

in addition, the China print 2009 Exhibition delegation and kristemedia Exhibition Co., Ltd. also printed the results after completing the experiment with MS. yanmeilian, general manager of Kaizer Kaisen Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Malaysia and e ex Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Korea, and shut down the machine in the reverse order of startup, Cover the computer, industrial control box and printer with cloth to prevent dust and water. Mr. jinzhongzhen, CEO, discussed the details of cooperation on the establishment of Asian printing exhibition Alliance (afpex). The exhibition alliance is expected to be signed and established within this year to provide a higher-level exchange and cooperation platform for printing exhibition activities in various regions of Asia

china print 2009 since its overseas promotion in August last year, it has held press conferences in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, and carried out a series of publicity and promotion activities. It has actively invited most international visitors from Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia to visit China print 2009. Subsequently, China print 2009 will continue to carry out promotional activities worldwide, expand the scale of international audiences, and reflect the internationalization level of China print 2009

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