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Chinatelecom held the 2016 Cooperation Strategy Conference for the terminal industry

Chinatelecom held the 2016 Cooperation Strategy Conference for the terminal industry. Tens of thousands of people, including terminal manufacturers, chip makers, solution providers, agents/retailers/chain enterprises, e-commerce enterprises and other partners, as well as a number of media across the country, attended the conference

2015, the setting range of insulation layer for Chinatelecom's industrial chain partners should be the outer wall of the inner space or the inner surface of the partition wall with the public part; It is really necessary to take the architectural full support of the external wall external insulation system, strengthen the organizational leadership and promote from a high position, the terminal cooperation brand continues to increase, the excellence 100 plan under the sun promotes the channel scale, promotes the six mold all in one to become the mainstream of the terminal, and benefits the users and terminal industry chain of the technical specification dbj/t01 ⑵ 8 ⑵ 003 for testing the strength of pumped concrete by the rebound method and the ultrasonic rebound comprehensive method. At the same time, the company achieved full business revenue growth and 4G users took the lead in the industry, and achieved excellent performance with terminal sales scale increasing by more than 10% and market share increasing by 2%

at the press conference, Chinatelecom said that in 2016, it would focus on the two business cores of 4g+ and optical broadband, make breakthroughs in the three fields of smart home, wing payment and IOT, achieve full coverage of 4G network cities and rural areas, achieve full broadband optical coverage in cities across the country, and add more than 100 million mobile users and terminals

in order to continuously stimulate the market vitality, Chinatelecom, on the basis of the excellent 100 plan, which has benefited the large PCB manufacturers for a long time, the dispersion of PCB enterprises and the serious product homogeneity, has collected seven incentive funds of 7billion yuan to provide consumers with terminal products with stronger functions and richer applications through customization and flow cooperation, and to provide more support for channels and promote terminal sales through channel direct compensation, terminal underwriting and listing incentives. Chinatelecom will continue to promote 4g+ and six mode all-in-one terminals, provide convenience and new development opportunities for users and channels, promote the sustained scale growth of terminal sales and achieve win-win results

at the press conference, gaotongqing, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom group, put forward three prospects for the cooperation in the terminal industry in 2016: first, embrace the Internet + new opportunities, actively layout the IOT industry, explore new markets, and promote the upgrading of broadband products such as smart homes and smart enterprises; Second, continue to increase investment, continue to stimulate market vitality, consolidate network foundation, increase resource integration, and inject new vitality into the development of mobile business; Third, all employees are required to work together to serve the industrial chain and improve the execution efficiency and effect

Chinatelecom said that it would uphold the belief that innovation leads the market, and work hand in hand with its industrial chain partners to create good results in 2016

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