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Ultra low price rubber and plastic embedded parts, cable waterproof component supplier

ultra low price rubber and plastic embedded parts, cable waterproof component supplier

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ultra low price rubber and plastic embedded parts, cable waterproof component supplier

1) fast installation, easy removal, not easy to damage cables and pipelines; 2) The construction cost is low, without the support of water source and power supply, and without traditional construction tools; 3) Good sealing effect, effectively preventing ponding, sediment, insects, rats, harmful gases and other substances from entering the pipeline; 4) Flexible plugging can effectively solve the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction of pipes and plugging materials, extend the waterproof sealing time limit of pipe holes, and reduce the later maintenance cost; 5) Spare empty pipe, single cable duct hole and multiple cable duct holes can be installed; 6) It can withstand small-scale displacement of cables and has certain seismic capacity; 7) It is not affected by acid-base environment and pipeline running water; 8) After the pipe is blocked in sections, the pumping and dredging time before rush repair can be shortened or even avoided, which greatly improves the efficiency of rush repair. 1) The cable operation environment is no longer affected by ponding, sediment, insects, rats, harmful gases and other substances, and the cable operation safety has been greatly improved; 2) Improve the working environment of artificial wells, underground pipe trenches, substation basements, terminal receiving and distribution rooms and other places

the cable waterproof sealing component is composed of embedded sleeves, seals and pressing units of 32 logistics partners in the world, such as UPVC and "four connections and one arrival", China Post, FedEx and so on. It is widely used in underground engineering projects such as subway, comprehensive pipe gallery, nuclear power plant and so on. It can meet the requirements of various wire diameters and quantities of power communication cables. The length is mm, which is customized according to the wall width of the comprehensive pipe gallery

fully vulcanized, high resilience and more aging resistant. The fasteners and spacer plates of the pressing unit are made of SUS304 and SUS316 materials, which are not easy to corrode and can be used for a long time, providing reliability and strong support for long-term safe sealing and convenient repair. According to the characteristics of high humidity and high acid salinity in underground buildings, UPVC casing meets the more stringent requirements for the corrosion prevention of rigid waterproof casing, and solves the electromagnetic problems caused by the high-voltage cable passing through the ring metal body. It is suitable for the insulation, isolation and connection transition of power cables in the pipe gallery with rated voltage of 220kV, 110kV and below. Ms-t products have the advantages of high mechanical strength, antimagnetism, good insulation performance, high humidity resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, etc. Safety seal, from one. Lower cost and longer service life. The waterproof component product is highly flexible, economical, safe and provides strong support in the process of underground cable outgoing. The sealing component is composed of antimagnetic sleeve, cable sealing rubber and pressing unit

due to our unique mold structure, we not only meet your actual needs, but also realize the requirement of zero inventory. DM two-way cable sealing module industry in most cases, the number of cables is not many, and the outer diameter of the cable is also known. At this time, you can choose the two-way cable sealing module, which can save a lot of costs when you purchase in large quantities. Of course, the premise is that you need to get the exact size of the cable outer diameter from the cable supplier, or you can measure it yourself. Compared with the multi-path module, the current module saves the waste and trouble of peeling. At the same time, you also save money, and its function is even better. When selecting this module, most small cables adopt small cable sealing module, which can save you more costs. In some applications, you may not know what kind of cables will be added in the future, or you do not need to install all sealing modules. You can choose to install the blind module first to facilitate future upgrading and maintenance. In addition, the center plugs of LM60, LM90 and lm120 are relatively expensive

improve work efficiency. Since mctbrattberg began to specialize in the production of fire-proof and pressurized sealing penetrating systems in the early 1950s, the company has always attached great importance to quality testing and grade evaluation. Today, mctbrattberg is used in the design, manufacture and supply of various cable and pipeline related penetrating systems and fire barriers in the land and marine environment. According to the standards of niso9001 and 14001, the quality and environmental management system is evaluated and certified by the NV Classification Society of D Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new materials project. Mctbrattberg is a leader in the field of cable and pipe penetration and sealing (some manufacturers copied it after the expiration of mctbrattberg's patent); It is the first research institution that specializes in the production of fire prevention and pressurized sealing and penetrating systems. The cable sealing module was patented in the 1950s. All kinds of products are authorized by classification societies all over the world The certification and testing of Weiwei and testing institutions

the company has a tensile and waterproof testing laboratory, which can be tested for special designs. Our unique explosion-proof structure multi-path cable sealing module, double path cable sealing module, small cable sealing module and fire-proof cable sealing module and explosion-proof sealing module to be developed in the future can meet the cable sealing requirements in almost all fields at present; The company also provides products such as broken cable sealing components and bus sealing components, which can meet the sealing needs of some special products. The company is committed to continuous innovation, constantly improving the quality and functions of our products, and providing * * * solutions for cable sealing and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services for customers at home and abroad. The company focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of high-performance safety seal components. The main products are cable and pipe sealing components. In 2011, it passed the ISO-9001 quality management system certification, built professional testing equipment in the laboratory, and independently developed a number of industry-leading patented technologies. MS rubber and plastic sealing components with leading scientific design and quality


1. Rubber and plastic embedded parts shall be embedded according to the port direction required on the product identification; According to the proportion of components, it should be outside the embedded area The enclosure shall be reinforced with appropriate stiffeners; The formwork in the embedded area of components must be reasonably arranged with water stop screws

2. Chemicals without clear or containing chemical composition shall not be used arbitrarily in the cable penetrating spacer, so as not to affect the service life of the seal

3. Other unaccomplished matters are not the conditions for damage. If there are unclear installation or use matters, please call to consult; Thank you very much for your patronage

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