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Supply and demand improved, international oil prices returned to $70/barrel, and institutions concentrated on "singing the long" of five related beneficiary stocks

since November 9, 2018, after the international oil price fell below $70/barrel, the oil price has fluctuated downward, reaching as low as $49.93/barrel, but then gradually recovered. On April 5, the international oil price returned to above $70/barrel, and the main contract of Brent crude oil closed at $70.48/barrel that day, with a cumulative increase of 30.16% in the year. U.S. WTI crude oil prices also closed at $63.26 a barrel on the same day, also hitting the highest level since November last year

Guosen futures said: technically, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures price continued to rise after the V-shaped reversal. At present, it is still in an upward trend pattern, and there is still hope to continue to rise to a new high in the second quarter

<2. The ground where the experimental machine is installed must be flat and stable. P> Cinda futures also pointed out that the current focus of the crude oil market is still on the supply side. Saudi Arabia is determined to maintain production reduction. The continuous decline in the number of American drills means that there will be an inflection point in production. At the same time, the demand side shows that it is OK, gasoline consumption is better than expected, and the global crude oil destocking process is expected to accelerate. Supply and demand improved, and fundamentals supported oil prices to continue to rise. It is expected that the short-term oil price will continue to rise. The main operating range of Brent crude oil is $66/barrel to $70/barrel, and the operating range of American oil is $58/barrel to $62/barrel

in fact, there are not a few institutions optimistic about the trend of oil prices in the second quarter. Guodu futures also shows that it is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results: oil prices rose in the first quarter, recording the largest quarterly increase in 10 years. On the supply side, OPEC's output reduction in the second quarter is still optimistic. In terms of non OPEC supply, the number of active oil drilling wells in the United States has fallen for several weeks, and the market is expected that American production will shrink from a high level in the future. Overall, the supply side is expected to continue to tighten. On the demand side, the macroeconomic data from the end of March to the beginning of April are more optimistic than the previous period, and the market's concern about the demand outlook of the oil market has eased. To sum up, it is expected that the supply and demand pattern of the oil market will improve slightly in the second quarter, and the oil price will be strong and volatile

there has always been a strong linkage between the bulk commodity market and the opening of innovative markets for a shares. Since April, the 12 oil price rising beneficiary stocks counted by flush data have all risen during the period, including Yanzhou Coal Industry (13.67%), Hengyuan coal power (10.04%), Maohua Shihua (9.80%), Taishan oil (7.93%), Shanxi Coking (7.03%) The sockets and connecting terminals of 7 home appliance sockets such as Lu'an Huanneng (7.02%) and ENN shares (6.09%) are made of flame-retardant materials. The stock price performance of only one stock in the month outperformed the market in the same period (the Shanghai stock index rose 5.04% in the month). CNOOC, China Shenhua, Sinopec, COOEC and PetroChina all rose more than 1% in the month

from the annual report performance, as of yesterday, a total of 10 of the 12 stocks benefiting from the rise in oil prices have disclosed their annual report performance, of which 6 stocks have achieved varying degrees of growth in their annual net profits. The annual net profits of PetroChina (130.71%) and ENN (109.37%) have doubled year-on-year, with CNOOC (65.54%) and Sinopec (23.42%) The annual net profit of individual stocks such as Yanzhou coal (16.81%) and Hengyuan coal power (10.50%) also increased by more than 10% year-on-year

benefiting from the rise in oil prices and the overall good annual report performance, the aftermarket performance of the above 12 stocks is generally optimistic by institutions. 10 stocks have been given positive ratings such as buying or increasing holdings by institutions in the past 30 days, and the number of positive ratings is 2 or more. Among them, five stocks, including China Shenhua (17), Sinopec (14), Yanzhou coal (12), Lu'an Huanneng (12) and ENN shares (11), were highly valued. In the past 30 days, the number of positive ratings given by institutions exceeded 10, and the stocks favored by other institutions were: COOEC (9), PetroChina (7), CNOOC service (4), Shanxi Coking (2) and Hengyuan coal power (2)

for Sinopec, which is optimistic about institutions and has excellent annual report performance, Dongxing Securities pointed out that the company has the advantages of high-quality oil and gas resources and gas stations, is optimistic about the long-term investment value of the company, covers it for the first time, and gives a buy rating. Minsheng securities also pointed out that benefiting from the stable growth of the company's performance and good cash flow, the company continued the high proportion of dividends in 2017. In 2018, the company plans to distribute cash of 0.42 yuan per share, with a dividend rate of about 7% based on the current closing price. At present, the average Pb of the world's large oil companies is about 1.5 times, and that of Sinopec is only 1 time. There is room for upward repair in the company's valuation, and the overweight rating is maintained

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