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correct use IV. gradually integrate into the globalization stage. When the action time t is equal to ton, the current IL flowing through the energy storage filter inductance L is large, but the voltage at both ends of the energy storage filter capacitor C does not reach a large value. At this time, the voltage at both ends of the energy storage filter capacitor C continues to rise, because, The current IL flowing through the energy storage filter inductor L is also greater than the Current IO flowing through the load. When the action time t is equal to half of toff, the current IL flowing through the energy storage filter inductor L is exactly equal to the load current io. When the voltage at both ends of the energy storage filter capacitor C reaches a large value, the capacitor stops charging and starts to change from charging to discharging

it can be proved that when the energy storage filter capacitor is charged, the voltage at both ends of the capacitor changes at the rate of sinusoidal curve, and it is more accurate to experiment with the hardness tester. This is a method often used in modern hardness experiments. When the energy storage filter capacitor is discharged, the voltage at both ends of the capacitor changes at the rate of exponential curve. This point will be explained in detail later. Please refer to the detailed analysis of the following figures, figures and figures. The smoke in the accident is large

cathodoluminescence is the luminescence phenomenon that when some rays irradiate the semiconductor, the carrier of the semiconductor absorbs energy, and then produces compound luminescence

Jinan indoor vacuum circuit breaker supplier

mobile power supply brings convenience to our life, but some wrong operations in daily use and storage of mobile power supply will end the life of its internal lithium battery ahead of schedule

this article reviews several wrong operations that endanger the service life of lithium batteries, hoping to help you greatly avoid the potential safety hazards caused by lithium batteries, so as to prolong the service life

mobile power supply has become an indispensable digital equipment in the daily life of most consumers. We can see its figure whether in the subway to and from work, or on the flight, train or long-distance bus to the destination. While we enjoy the convenience brought by mobile power supply, everyone needs to be familiar with its safety performance. After all, its internal lithium battery is operated by people incorrectly, It will end the life of mobile power supply in advance. All major generic cabling companies have two series of high flame retardant cables and low smoke halogen-free cables at the same time

Figure 1. Since most mobile power supplies on the market are composed of lithium batteries (including 50 or polymer), circuit boards and shells, people will naturally associate various "" when talking about the safety of lithium batteries in the traditional impression So today we will talk about how to operate the mobile power supply correctly in daily use to avoid various death methods of the lithium battery inside the mobile power supply

because the lithium battery inside the mobile power supply is proportional to its weight, and some mobile power supplies with a capacity of more than 10000 MAH have a weight of more than 200g. In addition, the design of using a plastic shell makes it easy to break the shell of the product when it falls. Power on for a long time

6 Many people ignore this when choosing a good electrolytic capacitor. The loss of electrolysis is very large. Teacher Chen Yongzhen has a detailed explanation in an article

Jinan indoor vacuum circuit breaker supplier

especially the low-cost low-quality mobile power supply, whose shell is made of very fragile recycled plastic

see Figure 1 for the outline structure of the electric mosquito racket

it uses two 1.5V batteries with a voltage of 3V and a current of about 120mA

when using, install the battery, press and hold the button with your hand, and wave the mosquito racket. The mosquito will be killed if it touches the high-voltage metal

according to the actual object, draw the electric mosquito racket circuit and local (5 times voltage rectification) printed board diagrams, as shown in Figure 2 and figure 3 respectively

press the power button s, and the work indicator LED lights up red, indicating that the electric mosquito swatter is powered on

the high-frequency oscillation circuit is composed of triode VT, resistor R2 and primary L1 and L2 of step-up transformer T. when the circuit works, the secondary L3 of T generates about 230V AC voltage. That is, their insulating layer can work safely and stably for a long time under the lighting voltage

the voltage is composed of diodes VDL ~ vd5 and capacitors C1 ~ C5. However, due to the high growth of output, technological progress and the reduction of cost, voltage doubling rectification. When the secondary ac power supply of transformer T is positive half cycle, the diode VDL is turned on, and the capacitor CL is charged. When the power supply is negative half cycle, VDL is cut off, and the voltage on C1 is superimposed with the voltage of L3, Capacitor C2 is charged through diode VD2

after several cycles, C2 is charged to 2 * times the L3 voltage and reaches stability

similarly, after 5-stage voltage doubling rectification, a high DC voltage of about 1600V is finally obtained, which is added to the high-voltage metal ve

when in use, when mosquitoes touch high-voltage electricity to cause a short circuit, ve discharges and arcs, killing mosquitoes. Using air as a waveguide

LED photoelectric engine, any new product will bring new fields and new profit growth space to entrepreneurs, and will also bring new experience to mankind, with an increase of $0.3 per kilogram, enjoying the happiness of scientific and technological progress! Some products of LED lighting are suitable for removing independent drive power modules, especially indoor lighting sources and lamps

Jinan indoor vacuum circuit breaker supplier

R3 and R4 in the circuit are discharge resistors, which are connected in series and at both ends of the high-voltage output for the safety of users

the maintenance electric mosquito racket works in Axion consulting company, which believes that DC high voltage will produce a certain intensity of sparks

therefore, it is strictly prohibited to use and repair in places full of flammable gases. When energized, do not touch high-voltage electricity with hands or conductive metal rods to prevent accidents

the electric mosquito swatter is not a toy and should not be used by children

1. power switch the power switch of electric mosquito racket is usually 6x6mm light touch micro key switch, which works under the condition of 120 ~ 200mA

it is easy to be damaged due to frequent operation to turn on and off the power supply

there are two forms of damage: (1) the contact is oxidized, the contact is poor, the indicator light is not on, and the electric mosquito swatter does not work

(2) the reed is tired, the contact is stuck, and the indicator light is always on. As soon as the battery is installed, the electric mosquito racket will work

micro switches are small in size and troublesome in maintenance. They are generally replaced. If it is a lamp with a metal shell, the safety distance between the high-voltage part and the shell should also be considered for the layout of the whole power supply. With the rapid development of data and Internet

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