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Suppliers of oxygen biodegradable additives fight back the American Plastics Association

the two manufacturers of oxygen biodegradable plastic additives have fought back to the bioplastics Committee of the American Plastics Industry Association (SPI) on the related remarks of biodegradability

the bioplastics Committee of the American Plastics Association previously questioned the effectiveness of oxygen biodegradable plastic additive products in a 5-page position statement far from market demand, saying that "such biodegradable claims are not based on actual data, and there is no recognized standard to prove their biodegradability."

on February 1, epienenvironmentalproductsinc., an additive manufacturer located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The company retorted that the bioplastics Committee of the American Plastics Association and a similar European trade group "are inherently biased against other competitive technologies, and deliberately destroy the reputation of oxygen biodegradable plastics technology over and over again through misleading and rumors."

EPI issued a statement to fight back. On the one hand, it refuted the claims of the bioplastics committee one by one, and in addition, it added many new contents to defend its products

in addition, Symphony environmental technology SPLC, another additive manufacturer based in Borehamwood, UK, also made a similar refutation, but the wording was more ironic

symphony officials said in a statement released on February 1, "hydration biodegradation (based on plants or 'compostable') Plastic manufacturers' increasingly escalating suppression and exclusion of waste oxygen biodegradable plastics is becoming more and more ridiculous. Their latest trick is to regroup in the United States, flaunting themselves as an organization called the 'bioplastics Committee', which sounds quite official. They understand the process of the chemical industry, and also have a relationship with the famous American Plastics Industry Association. "

"in a recently released position report, this' committee 'reiterated the untrue remarks made by an organization called' European bioplastics Association 'on oxygen biodegradable plastics in July 2009. This is not surprising - because they originally relied on some enterprises with the same ulterior motives to provide working capital."

EPI officials also refuted the similar statement issued by the association in August last year that the keyword optimization of bioplastics in Europe has been rampant today

the bioplastics Committee now has eight member companies: Arkema, BASF, Cereplast Inc., DuPont, nature worksllc, PolyOne Corp., teknor apex and Telles, which is a joint venture between metabolix and Archer Daniels Midland. Among them, in addition to teknor apex, seven other enterprises are also members of the European bioplastics Association, a trade group established in 2006

two other trade groups related to recycling, the association of post consumer plastic recyclers (APR) and the national PET container Resources Association (napcor), have also raised doubts about oxygen biodegradable additives. APR also specifically requires additive manufacturers to provide evidence that their products will not cause damage to recycled resin products in the end

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