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Suppliers pay attention to China's forest paper integration project

Mr. Enrique and his delegation from Spain's S.P.E. company visited Shandong, Hebei, Beijing and Liaoning successively from May 30 to June 13. The main purpose of the company's visit to China is to investigate the fast-growing poplar chemical pulp forest paper integration project and Shandong Linqing Galaxy Paper Group's 300t/D wheat straw semi chemical pulp import equipment

on June 4, S.P.E. company had friendly exchanges and negotiations with Ningxia Meili Paper Group at the Beijing Representative Office of the Council for the promotion of international trade of the Aragon autonomous region of Spain. It is true that the traditional manufacturing industry is facing a critical stage of transformation and upgrading. Chinese participants include Mr. Kong Fanyi, vice chairman and general manager of Ningxia Meili Paper Group, and Cao Zhenlei, President of China pulp and Paper Research Institute ★ 5) one way maximum tensile or compressive static load: you can know how to disassemble less than ± 100kN without learning to install Gong Deli, general manager of China paper development Baoding design company, and others. The Beijing Representative Office of the Council for the promotion of international trade of the Aragon autonomous region of Spain has signed a cooperation agreement with Ningxia Meili Paper Group to apply for a Spanish government loan of US $4.8 million, introduce a 30000 T/a coated paper production line, and use the Spanish government loan to develop a forest paper integration and introduce a 300000 t/a poplar chemical pulp production line. At the meeting, Meili Paper Group provided Spain S.P.E. with the equipment procurement list and feasibility study report

during the investigation of Spanish S.P.E. company in Linqing, Shandong Province, the 300t/D wheat straw pulp production line supplied by the company has arrived at home and abroad, except for 2 heavy containers and 3 accumulated containers that are still in transit. In addition, during the foreign investigation, Galaxy Paper Group also convened group leaders and technical directors to conduct technical exchanges and reach a consensus with Spanish S.P.E. on the black liquor and sewage treatment scheme after the equipment is put into operation with Spanish government loans. In order to reduce the transportation cost of papermaking raw material straw, the two sides also exchanged and discussed the purchase of Spanish straw balers by Galaxy Paper Group

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