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Supermicro has launched a cabinet level plug and play solution to provide predefined configurations for large data centers

bring the performance, efficiency, quality and cost advantages of the current commercial level available solutions into the design and operation of the data center. This solution has deployed more than 1000 cabinets

supermicro has launched a cabinet level plug and play solution for the cloud Large data centers for AI and 5g/edge applications provide predefined and pre tested configurations

super micro computer, Inc. (nasdaq:smci) is a global leader in the fields of enterprise computing, storage, network solutions and green computing technology, and provides a one-stop, pre-defined, pre tested and validated cabinet level solution for demanding workloads in advanced data center environments. Supermicro provides a complete cabinet series, pre configured with the latest servers, storage, network equipment, cabling, software configuration and management infrastructure, all designed and built by supermicro's data center expert team all over the world

it adopts the cloud native data center infrastructure, and has the performance, efficiency and excellent total cost of ownership of large-scale local deployment systems. It is delivered with commercial grade current available (COTS) solutions. The market demand for this is growing. Data center solutions need to integrate a variety of different products and technologies, including services, such as removing loaders, storage, networks and software, in order to provide quality, performance, security and scalability. The cabinet level plug and play solution provides a one-stop option, which is designed and tested by supermicro's worldwide data center expert team for specific workloads. These products include advanced options with excellent performance, such as new liquid cooling configurations that provide the best efficiency, reduce operating costs, and reduce environmental impact. Supermicro works directly with customers on system architecture, workload requirements and final solution verification. Supermicro's manufacturing facilities include a complete 1 MW rack burning facility, which can perform l11/l12 tests, and has tools and experts for performance benchmarking

rack scale plug and play portfolio for cloud, AI, 5g/edge, and high performance computing (HPC)

Charles Liang, President and CEO of supermicro, said: through cabinet level plug and play technology, we combine the expertise of system design with the advantages of building block, and the dripping dispersion time <1s architecture is applied to cabinet level systems to launch a real large-scale data center solution, Help our customers deploy complete solutions that have passed testing and validation with the shortest delivery cycle. Our cabinet level solutions are specifically designed for fast-growing and demanding workloads, including cloud, AI and 5g. These solutions are designed to demonstrate superior performance, efficiency and cost, and integrate the most advanced technologies, including the latest 3rd generation Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors, high-density Superblade configurations, GPU optimization systems with up to 16 GPUs, and all flash nvme petascale storage systems

cabinet level design selected products

supermicro chassis level design was originally designed for cloud, artificial intelligence, 5g/edge and high performance computing (HPC) applications, and was built by more than 100 application optimization systems in the whole product line of supermicro. These building block combination options include hyper, Superblade Twin product series (bigtwin ®, twinpro ®, and fattwin ®) Ultra, clouddc, GPU, Telc first force measurement system: it adopts high-precision amplifier, a/d converter, o/5g and edge server, which can all support the 3rd generation Intel Xeon scalable processor

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about super micro computer, Inc. (SMCI)

supermicro (nasdaq:smci) is an innovative leader in efficient and efficient server technology, building block solutions for high-end servers in enterprise data centers, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and edge computing systems? The world's leading supplier. Supermicr checks whether the items are complete according to the packing list. O is committed to protecting the environment through its we keep it green plan and providing customers with the most energy-saving and environmental friendly solutions on the market

source: Meichao microcomputer Co., Ltd.

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