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Supermarkets in Guangzhou plan to strengthen negotiation to avoid disputes caused by shopping plastic bags

after the plastic restriction order of the Ministry of Commerce was issued, supermarkets in Guangzhou hope to enter the shopping era as soon as possible and pay attention that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 degrees bag charging era. However, due to the special profit model of supermarket format, the profit margin between major supermarkets will not exceed one yuan. In this situation of low profit competition, a shopping bag is likely to trigger a price war and become the fuse for the reshuffle of the industry status

in order to avoid this price war, China Resources Wanjia supermarket, as one of the sponsors, proposed that Guangzhou chain operation association take the lead to convene the whole 2 Big manufacturers are commercial institutions such as major department stores and supermarkets in the city that can't give customers a visit. They negotiate to produce a unified paid shopping bag in the whole city. The pricing and charging methods of various specifications of plastic bags and reusable non-woven shopping bags, and the use of the proceeds (whether to offset costs or to be used for environmental protection) are all the focus topics that businesses urgently need to discuss

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