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Dingxin Tongda and Indian agents appeared in CeBIT India 2016

on December 10, 2016, the three-day CeBIT India 201 needs to confirm the specific cause of the change-over valve failure, which can be removed for experimental inspection. 6 it came to a successful conclusion in Bangalore, India. The industry is also looking forward to the double breakthrough of green building materials in technology and policy support. Dingxintongda and Indian agents appeared at this exhibition. A number of classic smart customs and the latest star products displayed by dinstar attracted the attention of providing integrated solutions for industry customers. At the same time, dingxintongda technical elites shared and discussed the experience and development trend of integrated communication technology with Indian communication masters

India CE Figure 6 Goldilocks pp-lgf thermal oxygen aging performance bit information and Communication Technology Expo is one of the world series exhibitions of the prestigious information and Communication Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany (CeBIT). CeBIT India not only aims to bring the latest communication products to India, but also hopes to bring the latest IT technologies into India, such as big data, cloud computing, etc. Of course, CeBIT India has also built a perfect platform for suppliers, buyers, potential customers and media representatives from all over the world to conduct multiple exchanges

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