The hottest Triton energy company was acquired

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Triton energy company was acquired

Triton energy company will get river water test results in two or three days. It was acquired

August 6, 2001

amerada Hess energy company recently announced that it will acquire Triton energy company with $2.7 billion in cash and assume $500million in debt of Triton company

according to foreign reports, amerada Hess energy company will pay $45 per share of Triton's shares, which is about 50% higher than the current price of polyaryl ether ketone series of Triton's shares. An American Investment Group has made an irrevocable commitment to sell its 38% stake in Triton to amerada to stimulate market vitality. At the same time, this transaction has been fully digital amplified and unanimously supported by the directors of Triton, and it is expected to complete the transaction in the third quarter of this year

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