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Three convergence is expected to generate 688billion yuan of business opportunities in the next three years

the list of highly concerned three convergence pilot areas (cities) was announced recently, and 12 regions (cities) including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen were selected. This marks the official launch of the three integration pilot work, and at the same time, it also means the official opening of a market feast. It is estimated that the three integration will drive investment and consumption of 688billion yuan in the next three years. Upstream and downstream enterprises in telecommunications, radio and television, Internet and other industries are aiming at this huge "cake" and actively "preparing for war"

generate 688billion yuan of business opportunities

the so-called "three convergence" refers to the three major networks of telecommunications, computers and cable television, which can provide comprehensive multimedia communication services including voice, data, image and so on through technological transformation, including EPG billing management, complete interconnection access through cable, data transmission and IP services. The life of the people will bring new changes due to the three integration. The price remains high, because the three integration realizes the seamless connection of TV, computer and computer through the interconnection. In the future, you can watch TV and watch TV, and the TV can be played and watched. The computer can also play the electric press to punch words and watch TV for four small presses

of course, the three integration not only gives people a new experience of life, but also means the opening of a market feast. In the process of "three integration", the relevant industrial chains will release huge market potential. According to Wu Hequan, the leader of the expert group of the three integration leading group, the three integration will boost investment and consumption by 688billion yuan in the next three years. Wu Hequan said that at present, China's cable users have reached 160million, and there are still 100million cable users who have not realized the digital transformation. Regardless of the growth of cable users, the expenditure on set-top boxes alone will reach about 35billion yuan; The investment of 249billion yuan in the upgrading of telecom broadband and the transformation of radio and television networks can stimulate and release social information services and terminal consumption of nearly 439 billion yuan

business model tests the prospect of integration

but at the same time, experts also calmly pointed out that in the face of profit opportunities of up to hundreds of billions of yuan, the industry needs to strengthen efforts in standard formulation, model innovation, industrial chain cooperation and win-win results, so as to seek the healthy and long-term development of the industry, and avoid being eager for quick success and instant benefits. The quality of market development is the decisive factor for the vitality of the three integration. Cross industry integration has high requirements for business models. For example, if the radio and television industry with public welfare attributes such as stretching and stripping is integrated with the fully market-oriented telecommunications industry, a breakthrough must be made in the innovation of business model. 1projet MJP 5600 also has a new 3D sprint 2.5 software progress. "Our focus in developing networks is on application, rather than simply pursuing digital indicators. In this pilot program, some local governments are the most enthusiastic, but we should avoid the tendency to spend money on face projects." Hou Ziqiang, a senior researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an expert in the communication, radio and television industry, believes that the biggest result of the three integration is that enterprises in the three markets have expanded their user base. In order to obtain new markets without doubling costs, innovative technologies and business models are needed, and innovation is of great benefit to national strategies and users. Some senior executives of communication equipment manufacturers pointed out that although the three convergence has been upgraded to the national level, the most urgent thing for enterprises is to have unified industrial technical standards, including video technology, digital TV encryption system, middleware and so on. Due to the variety of technical standards in various places, enterprises often need to spend a lot of human and material resources to truly integrate into them. "As far as enterprises are concerned, the cost is too high and large-scale development cannot be formed, and the same is true for the whole industry." The above-mentioned high-level said

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the high-level deployment of the three major operators

three convergence is of great significance to the three major domestic telecom operators. The three major telecom operators have previously expressed great interest and confidence in the three convergence, and at the same time continue to "make moves" in the hope of grabbing more customers before the convergence

in March this year, China Mobile announced the official commercial use of China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) TV business. After the launch of the "three convergence" policy, CMMB can take advantage of the policy opportunity to push CMMB through the operator platform with high coverage

after the announcement of the list of three convergence pilot projects, Guodian and Chinatelecom immediately signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two sides will cooperate in the field of electricity and communication, which means that Guodian is determined to enter the three convergence market with huge business opportunities, and it also shows that Chinatelecom participates in the construction of intelligent power

Chang Xiaobing, chairman of China Unicom, also said earlier: "China Unicom will not pay enough attention to this new space, so we will pay close attention to the work arrangement and promotion of the three integration by the government regulatory authorities, and we will also actively participate in the pilot work of the three integration."

Shang Bing, Secretary of the leading Party group of China Telecom Corporation, Sha Yuejia, vice president of China Mobile Corporation, and Lu Yimin, general manager of China Unicom attended the meeting on July 2. Beijing News

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