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TRICRYSTAL inverter starts the personalized solution of "change for you"

industrial automation control is an important direction of industrial technology to avoid idling, and it is the basic technology to solve the consistency of production capacity and quality. Compared with extensive manual packaging technology. Popularizing automatic control is an important means to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. This shows that in the process of optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure of the whole country, there are great opportunities for automation enterprises, and the most direct one is the frequency converter manufacturer

in the last decade, with the increasing improvement of domestic inverter technology and the gradual improvement of functions, the inverter industry has shown the development trend of intelligence, networking, integration and so on. Therefore, focusing on this development trend and in combination with China's national conditions, with solid technological development capabilities and in-depth industry knowledge, TRICRYSTAL inverter launched a personalized and intelligent solution for you in 2010 to meet the new needs of the inverter application market, and then serve to promote the upgrading of China's industrial structure. Triplet inverter will continue to adhere to the fast response, stable and efficient way of work to provide you with the most competitive high-quality products and the fastest service

TRICRYSTAL inverter has sufficient strength and confidence to provide innovative and value-added services in the application field of low-voltage inverter in China, such as the amount of automotive interior decoration, and become an expert in personalized and perfect solutions

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