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Application of inTrack in delta Automobile Company

delta uses SAP r/2 as the basic business software of struandale factory. The dealers in this country (RSA) place orders for corsa cars on the vehicle sales system (VDS) of delta mainframe, and the production planning is carried out in a multi-level system, which covers the 12-month forecast on SAP system to the 4-day schedule. The sap/r2 system on the host downloads the production order data to inTrack VTS every day

intrack VTS is a critical transaction processing system. It must operate normally and continuously without even a few minutes of downtime. Therefore, the link between the system and the sap r/2 host on kempston road must be realized both electronically and manually (electronic media)

planners should first use the production planning interface developed on inTrack VTS to analyze the production orders received from SAP r/2. They can browse all orders in the system, including those that have not yet been settled, so that planners can readjust the order of production orders if necessary. The planner can suspend some production orders for specific reasons (usually material inventory problems), and then release these orders at any time

in struandale automobile factory, one car is produced every 3 minutes. Although the production process is composed of multiple continuous and independent units, the production record is processed in batches of every 10 cars (half an hour). Every half an hour, the planner will release a batch (10) of production orders, which are started by the inTrack system and sent to the factory, and then the factory starts production

after a batch of production orders (10) are launched, the inTrack system automatically prints construction documents, broadcast documents and bar code labels. Broadcast documents are distributed to various areas where the degradation rate of the plant slows down, so that orders can start in the correct order. Then, inTrack VTS will closely track the production of each vehicle and the key components used. At the same time, its planning module will track other resources used to manufacture each vehicle. Then, inTrack feeds this information back to sap and vehicle sales system to meet more business requirements, such as material consumption, providing production information to dealers, and MRP functions. All production reports and production analysis are directly generated in the inTrack system

the end station of each monitoring point is also equipped with a Broderson operator interface, which displays messages for the operator and allows the operator to input. There are many inspection and comparison conditions in the system to ensure that any possible problems can be handled quickly. The error message is displayed on the operator's display screen, and the acousto-optic device on the front panel is used to remind the operator of any problems. At the same time, the error message is also displayed on the inTrack workstation so that appropriate management measures can be taken

business system information

the monitoring point is also the sap consumption point in the system. When the vehicle passes through a monitoring point, the inTrack system will automatically notify the vehicle sales system (VDS) of the host. The research work is carried out through the strategy of combining "hard segment locking" and "micro phase separation control", sending the serial number, checkpoint number, data of special parts (engine number, gearbox number, key number, etc.), body color, decorative serial number, and system date and time to the system. This information is necessary for natis (National Transportation System)

the business system can update its inventory records and maintain vehicle status information. In fact, at this level, information does not have to be real-time. The "granularity" of information in the business system is lower than that in the inTrack production management system

at the same time, inTrack also sends messages to the body panel machine in the planning office, which prints body panel information for specific vehicles. This information is then sent to mp8 for riveting the chassis

system hardware

in order to ensure high reliability, all Pentium processors used in PCs running Windows NT 3.51 and windows 95 must be of high quality. The database server adopts Compaq Dual CPU (Pentium Pro) server with RAID 5 technology, runs SQL 6.0, and works in 10baset Ethernet (3com3 card) and BITBUS network at the same time. The Datalogic scanner is connected to the system through the Broderson fed interface, and the documents are printed by HP laser printer. Barcode labels are produced by novexx thermal printers. Ups in planning offices and factories can provide power for all key equipment for more than 20 minutes in case of power failure

higher productivity

according to South African standards, the productivity of this factory is more than 50% higher than that of other automobile manufacturers, and the production personnel are much less

the system is designed by Isis system integrator. In just 9 months, Isis has completed all the tasks of programming, configuration, debugging, technical documentation with the progress of technology, and training delta employees

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