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The application of intersection strategy and the practice of Changhong education

intersection strategy, as a part of Liao Xiao's strategic view, ensures the complementarity of organizational capacity elements and the compatibility of Table 3 for the brand of Goldilocks thin-walled materials and the corresponding performance strategic assets, which is undoubtedly an effective form of strategic management. In reality, there are many cases. For example, the launch of Changhong education products 20 (3) 5 brand is the contact person of the mainland Secretariat: Cui Ling, Wu Jing, Zhang Xiaodong

On July, 2006, Changhong entered the digital education market with a high profile. Develop three products: Story treasure, reading treasure and learning machine. Most importantly, in the digital trading market with constant price wars but unlimited potential, Changhong has achieved the following:

first, the replication of strategic assets. Based on the digital technology created by Zhu Jianqiu, Changhong's digital technology can replicate the original digital technology to the education market, realizing the diminishing marginal cost

the second is the application of intersection strategy. Changhong education is the intersection of the consumer electronics industry and the education industry, and this intersection reflects the evolution of consumption patterns and trends

third, reflect the principle of customer preference. At present, China's education market focuses on hardware rather than content. Changhong can realize this: customers prefer the content and quality of education rather than fancy technology. Undoubtedly, according to Changhong's brand influence, it can be combined with other content developers on the effective collection of data

what surprises us more is that Zhao Yong can constantly copy the strategic assets of 3C strategy and constantly build systems. Isn't it a feature of effective strategy? I hope Changhong can maintain a steady cash flow in the continuous strategic transformation without making bricks without straw. I hope Changhong can carry the banner of national industry

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