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Lingyun intelligent customer service has been successfully applied on the platforms of Mavericks new fortune, Mavericks and niudingfeng technology. Recently, Lingyun intelligent customer service has been successfully applied on the platforms of Mavericks new fortune, Mavericks and niudingfeng technology. It provides 7 * 24 hours of external and internal intelligent question and answer services, with ultra-high accuracy and high-quality service experience, which has been highly praised by users and internal employees

at the same time, Jietong Huasheng is building an omni-directional intelligent customer service system with omni-channel multimedia for many wholly-owned subsidiaries under maverick capital group, such as maverick Pratt Whitney and maverick staging at the loading rate required by the experiment

Lingyun intelligent customer service provides external intelligent customer service through the platform of Mavericks and Mavericks new wealth

external service Mavericks

Lingyun intelligent customer service provides Mavericks with functions such as financial product consultation, intelligent Q & A, relevant problem recommendation, interactive chat, flexible manual service, etc


product consultation

recommendation of related issues

transfer to manual service

the intelligent customer service system built for Mavericks through Lingyun intelligent customer service not only brings convenience to users, but also reduces the working pressure of artificial seats and improves the corporate image

external service Mavericks new wealth

on the basis of providing general functions such as intelligent Q & A, recommendation of relevant questions, interactive chat, transfer to human services, Lingyun intelligent customer service has specially added a questionnaire function to the new wealth Mavericks platform at room temperature

new wealth Mavericks

questionnaire start

questionnaire end

the questionnaire function helps to understand the customer's economic status and investment and financial management willingness in detail, recommend the best financial products for customers, and realize the maximum value-added of wealth jc/t 622 ⑴ 996 silicate building products sand

for internal employees, Lingyun intelligent customer service provides internal intelligent consulting services through niudingfeng technology platform

internal service niudingfeng technology

internal employees of niudingfeng technology company can use intelligent consultation to solve problems encountered in the office process, such as:

Q: how to modify the login password of * * * system

A: please contact the administrator to modify

Q: where to apply for OA process

A: click the home page - quick new - New OA process

Q: how to set the contact channel for CRM

A: how to set the contact channel for CRM, Please click * * * to view details

Lingyun intelligent customer service can effectively improve the office efficiency of employees in niudingfeng technology and build an excellent team

Jietong Huasheng provided professional technical support, free product explanation and knowledge base construction training for calf capital. Customer service personnel can update various product information at any time, flexibly operate and manage the intelligent response service system, and provide users with more comprehensive and intimate financial consulting services

at present, Lingyun intelligent customer service system has successfully served maverick capital, Boshi fund, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Chengdu, Pacific Insurance, Beijing National Taxation Bureau, Xicheng National Taxation Bureau, Dongcheng National Taxation Bureau, Fengtai National Taxation Bureau, Sichuan Local Taxation Bureau, Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau, Shenzhen Airlines, air China and other interconnected financial institutions, banking, insurance, taxation, aviation and other fields. Jietong Huasheng has become the backbone to promote the development of China's intelligent customer service industry

Lingyun mainly researches and produces functional membrane materials used in four categories of emerging industrial fields: special insulation materials represented by pen films and used in aerospace, motor vehicles, micro electromechanical and other aspects; New optoelectronic materials represented by LCD film, which are used in mobile terminals, intelligence, personal computers and other liquid crystal displays; New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection materials represented by solar backplane lining film, which are used in solar photovoltaic, energy-saving building decoration and other aspects; Computers used in membrane switches, flexible printed circuit boards and other aspects use new material platforms. More information:

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